Who We Are?


A little bit about Luciferianism and the doctrine of faith that we teach!

Luciferianism is a belief system that honors the essential characteristics that are fixed on Lucifer. The creed has strong influence and roots in Gnosticism. We do not believe in the view of Christianity, Islam and Judaism on “Satan, Ibliss, Ha-Satan” as he is described in their sacred writings.

Luciferianism can be both Theistic or Atheistic. The “God”/Teacher is based on personal experience and faith. This means that within our Religion one can have a religious conviction that it literally exist more than one deity, and hold the individual`s experience and knowledge that has been gained through connection and worship with this God-Deity.

Our Religion is very often confused with Satanism, this is a wrong view on Luciferianism. Because Luciferianism finds its origin in a worship of “God” long before Judaism and Christianity.

Luciferianism is not about worshiping an all-evil “Devil” as the Christian faith describes it. The theistic Luciferian Adepts can actually choose for themselves, based on what they believe is their “Lucifer” archetype. The names can be similar “Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Abaddon, Moloch, Baal, Ahriman, Seth” and so on. Our faith is more of the spiritual “Satanist” type. Lucifers black flame that exist in all humanity and expresses itself thru passion and makes us grow strong!

Some Luciferians dont worship at all and think of the Higher Power as a friend, ally or even an equal. Others take the more traditional ways of prayer, meditation, sacrifice, magick and worship. What all Luciferians have in common, is that they practice magick for the purpose to bring a change in their world. And of course for the enlightening and power that gives their intellect. We Are and Will become transcended into a “human” being that sees past the ordinary view on this reality and the world beyond.

We do not exclude anyone from our Religious Community as long as they accept Lucifer or Satan as the true GOD!

We Luciferians look at the individual and their experience, willingness to be enlightened. In fact! To be enlightened is the “ultimate” and only goal of our Alchemical transformation into A Divine Being!

Ave Luciferi, Ave Satanas!

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