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My first post!

my name is Lilith and I’m a high priestess of The Luciferian Church, I’m also married to our leader and High Priest, Khaain (love you!). I’ve been here from the beginning and been helping out as well as participating in rituals.

My Black Flame was awakened by Khaain and he is my tutor and my guide on this path. He has such deep knowledge and such a deep connection – it is my privledge to stand by his side at all times.

Today I have the honor to make my own post on this blog. And I’ll lead on the theme of Lucifers footprint in music. But let’s go classical – for it not only in modern day music he has his influence. Enjoy and post a comment afterwards (and no matter what music you personally prefer – it is almost a duty to give this one a listen).

Niccoló Paganini – possessed by the Devil

As you may have figured out, this is my all time favourite solo performer. The most skilled violinist of all times, Niccoló Paganini. Early during his lifetime (around age 15 when he reached world fame) it was rumored he sold his soul to the Devil to become the best of the best.

Beginning at the end: facing death, Paganini refused having the last rites from a Catholic priest and was refused to be laid to rest on sacred ground, after five years he was buried in Italy. This after his body went on a full on, four year long, European post-mortem tour. This alone is undocumented in music history.

But who in the world would make such a comotion, especially during the 18th and 19th century?

Paganini went on stage all dressed in black, tall, slim, sunk in cheeks and pale as a ghost. And quicker than any violinist ever was, before or after his death. He wrote music unlike anything heard before, and parts of his work has been copied into some of the most famous musical pieces ever made.

There was of course rumors around such a theatrical person around that time (b.1782 – d.1840) as he broke of strings of his violin on stage and finished the pieces on what was left of it. Women fainted during his concerts and no wonder – nothing even close to his pieces had ever been created.

The most famous rumor (except the one that it was actually his mother who sold her soul to have a son being the best violinist ever – who knows, he was born with two disorders, one making his fingers exceptionally long and one making his joints super flexible. Making him the perfect violinist from birth!) was that he murdered a woman, taking her intestines and making them into violin strings as he bound her soul to the instrumental piece. During concerts her scream was said to sound from the violin itself.

This will be impossible to rule out, since Paganini became addicted to several substances early in his life and gambled his violin away.

I strongly recommend you listening to his solo performances, the most famous one being 24 Caprices no 24 in A minor. No 1 and no 3 are also among the most mezmerizing ones (beware: shivers and shudders incoming!)

After all, the violin is the devils’ instrument, and for a good reason. It wakes something in you which is impossible to run from, as if you would ever want to run from this magical chaos which he was creating!

Today he would most certainly have become THE DJ of our time.

Bye for now!

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