The Luciferian Doctrine

Free yourselves from the chains! The false Religions and their doctrines are there to control you and keep you from becoming what you are meant to be!

High Priest Caain

This is the Luciferian Doctrine and Creed of our Church! Received by our High Priest Caain through possession rituals.

  1. To ignite the Black Flame in humanity is our main goal. Through this comes self knowledge, ”Know thy self and ye will know the Gods”! This can only be true if you embrace the teachings that our Lord Lucifer has to offer. Open your Heart, your Soul and your Consciousness!
  2. There are no bad emotions. What we feel and how we react on the emotions is the main reason we feel no peace of mind. The Truth is that there is no wrong way to react on your emotions. The problem is the actions you choose to manifest your emotions!
  3. We believe in the Liberation of Man and strive to become as man was in ages past before the false doctrines!
  4. Be critical of Everything you see, hear and feel. What we are told to be the objective reality is a false conception that is made up. Analyze all the information your thoughts, senses and emotions tells you and make a logical calculation that will benefit you the best!
  5. Magick is the oldest science! Learn to work with a magick system of your own choice. The road to find a system is the beauty of the experience itself. The only rule is whatever path you take must give results in the physical objective world. ( Chaos Magick is a major part in The Luciferian Church Of Swedens teachings ).
  6. Power is not granted nor assumed, dont believe the false individual that preach otherwise. Power is taking control of yourself and not succumb to fear. The brave decision to deep dive in your own subconscious mind and learn the true Nature Of Fear. Also Power can be granted by a higher power.
  7. Demonolatry workings to be granted spiritual teachers that becomes your Patron Demons, and communing with them for wisdom and lessons is our main focus when it comes to the teachings of our Magick system in our Church. This is mandatory!
  8. Stupidity should be punished by law!
  9. Weakness of the mind triggered by another Human being, media , cooporation and every aspect where humans are involved must be dealt with in accordance with the believes of our system of thinking.
  10. The more you learn about yourself and the Cosmic laws that make up our subjective and objective reality, will give you an insight that there is no coincidences. To master the patterns that makes our lives Magickal is to become a Master of both realities. (Physical and Spiritual).
  11. Study Lesser and Higher Magick!
  12. Fear and Stress is what makes us learn and adapt, never ever forget this!
  13. Love only what loves you back, most important is that you love yourself, from that insight comes an emenating love that you can embrace others with! The LIES that you should ”feel” or can ”feel” other humans emotions is hilarious. It is physically impossible to feel another persons emotions, yes you can observe them by appearance or actions but you can never feel those emotions in yourself that the other human feels. There are people that have so high sensitivity and ”fantasy” that they can construct within themselves the emotion that other humans feel, they are called empathic people or empaths.
  14. Lying to yourself is the only thing that we in our Church see as a mortal sin!
  15. Divination through various methods to master what was and what will come must be practiced!
  16. There are only two emotions! Love and Fear. All other emotions are only bi-products that emanates from these two emotions!
  17. All actions are egoistic actions! When your psyche finally can accept this insight you will become free of all anxiety and depression!
  18. Adrenaline is the Fountain Of Youth! It is also a means to keep us healthy and energetic.
  19. Passion gives strength and a drive to achieve results!
  20. The Luciferian Church Of Sweden Definition of Free Will is : The Fear of Death; This is the fundamental and the most basic construct of FEAR. All your other fears comes from this fear, it can be a healthy thing but in todays world we dont need it so much. This is a tool that gives other control over you and must be destroyed. When the chains from this fear is broken your mind, soul and body i free! To learn how our reptilian brain works and control it will break those chains. This is our definition of free will!
  21. Reality is not as it i shown to you by your eyes, ears and feelings! The eyes and ears are just filters and your emotions can be manipulated.
  22. Your emotions work like a compass that wants to show you the path! There is a reason they are there! Use logic and not your senses to understand them! Logic is the key to make your ego, senses and emotions combined into a weapon! Swing this weapon furiously at the falsehood and impurity that will come in your way and know that Lux Omnia Vincit!
  23. There is no Death only Consciousness and the Black Flame!
  24. Your Consciousness is constructed by the holy law of three! Your thought is the Creator and the all Father, Your emotions is the Holy Mother, Your Actions is the Holy Son! By a cooperation of these three parts when you interact in the physical objective world you will gain balance. This is the template that will make all of your choices to be the right ones! If you follow this method, it will result in your ability to activate the whole gray area in your brain called the Neocortex. This will make you a part of the new human race we so much believe in , in our Church. Today most humans only use the dominant half of their brain wich is either the logical left or the emotional right!
  25. Too see yourself worse and lesser than you actually are and use the Black Flame will grant you the power to become better in all your undertakings!
  26. Anger Channeled through Will is the most powerful of methods to achieve success or anything you shoot at!
  27. All actions have a reaction! Learn to see the patterns of your and others behaviour! With this you will be granted the knowledge of what was, what is and what will come!
  28. We live in an age where the majority of Humanity is conncected trough various social media or the internet. Use this Network to meet likeminded people. Also as a mean to educate yourself , because many scientific or religious studies are published online and available for you!
  29. All thoughts and Emotions come from within, even if they are manipulated! Use your Luciferian awareness to figure out the best way to respond to them physically to bend the reality to your will, from this comes true Power!
  30. Every experience Good or Bad is an Experiance, learn from it and make this insight into a weapon to grow Stronger!
  31. Humans cannot assume that we share this objective reality we share with others and the animals are the only beings we coexist with. We in The Luciferian Church of Sweden know that we share this reality with other intellectual beings that exist in both our dimension and further up than our three dimensional existense that our senses can perceive. Therefore we educate ourselves on what quantum physics and various scientific teachings have to say about this. Science is a tool to understand what we cant understand, but we dont need the proof , Magick has proven to us that the quantum field and other dimensions exist.
  32. Through innate Power ignited by the Black Flame you will become a better YOU! That YOU can only be described as a new Race of Human Beings! This is the evolution of the that will come to be described in future history books! It is an evolution of the mind and the consciousness!
  33. Your Imagination (The Father) is what makes great things to be accomplished. A quote from Albert Einstein: ” Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the whole world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”. Every concept or invention was first a construct of your imagination! The Luciferian Church Of Sweden promotes creativity in all it formes! This is how we evolve!
  34. Science is a Religion, it tells us all the wonders we can enjoy from it. Keep in mind that the research and the ”evidence” is mostly things we ourselves cant test! To test a theory or ”evidence” for ourselves is the fundamental thing about science, and therefore we should not believe everything this religion tells us to believe! Keep your critical Luciferian eye out for things this religion tells us! Because a Religion it has become! And we all know about how thruthful Religions are!
  35. Ever wondered why there are all these clouds you can upload all your information to ? I in the name of our Lord Lucifer i received a vision that opened my eyes for the thruth. All these clouds and the people involved wants to create a new Akashic Record, a digital one!
  36. You have probably all heard about secret societies and that they all are Luciferian. This is true by a degree! But what these organisations all have forgotten is the phrase ” NON SERVIAM”. We in our Church dont care about all the money and the power you can achieve through it. We dont care about all the Adrenochrome you can choke on! We dont care about all the personal ego driven agendas you have! We dont care about all the sexual and carnal pleasures you take part in! Because we in The Luciferian Church Of Sweden are true Teistic Luciferians and we havnt forgotten the main reason and meaning of the words our Lord spoke! I tell you all , whether you are a member of a secret society or a member in a satanic organisation NON FUCKIN SERVIAM !!!!! You will get yours by forgetting these words when the day comes!
  37. What does our Lords words Non Serviam mean? They mean: I will start with the most extreme ones : To sacrifice your own life for a loved one or for a cause, to break your chains, stand up to your aggressor, oppose an overwhelming power and all this is the most EGOISTIC action you can do but in the ”Sheeps” eyes this is the most brave thing you can do and they will make songs or write books about it…. Non Serviam is also when you overcome something in your life that has been a lie and you have finally awakened and beat this difficulty in life. It is the very wood that the Luciferian flame needs to have as fuel to burn inside you! It is the very core in every Luciferian out there! When you understand the expression and it is inside you , it will destroy you if you go against it! It is the Luciferian Flame Burning in people that sacrificed everything for the truth! People like : Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Alan Turing, Rhazes, Galileo Galilei, and so on. It means to burn inside you when you get offended and you do nothing about it, to wish for your competitors death when he/she gets the job you have worked for so hard, to get depressed or have anxiety when something doesnt go your way! The Luciferian Flame or The Black Flame many of you know about, but what rules it are the words Non Serviam! You cant even lie being a Luciferian without this Cosmic Law destroy you from inside out. When you act , do it in accordance with the ”holy” trinity. If your thoughts, feelings and actions are in sync than there is no regret or anxiety of what has happened. Also ask yourself if the Lord Lucifer would have acted as you did!
  38. You who have followed me since i started did see that the prophecy that i wrote about Corona is now happening. I got Censored, hacked and surveilled. Dont be afraid!!! I must tell you this , and i swear on my right as Lucifers Prophet and under the oath of Non Serviam! This crises is orchestrated by people that call themselves ”Satanists” or ”Luciferians”, but they dont live under the Non Serviam law! There will be a rupture and there will be a time for our Glory as true Luciferians. I wont write anything from my prophesy except that there will be a religious ”psychosis”, and that one of the religions of the world will perish.
  39. The Satanic Houses out there! Are you rebelling on your parents? Are you rebelling on society? My question to you is : If the Black Flame burns inside you, you do understand that all these stupid things you stand for is nothing but a childish, and in some cases a literary rebellion or a viewpoint on our beloved father and Lord Lucifer! Stop with your Blasphemy and rethink your actions, get familiar with Non Serviam and use this power for our cause!
  40. Non Serviam will grant the strength and justice for our Glory to come!

Ave Luciferi , Ave Satanas! Lux Omnia Vincit!

More Luciferian laws will come and be updated on this post!

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