Curses and hexes !

Hello my friends! I have received so many requests and questions about Curses and Hexes. It is a complex topic because there are so many different paths and religions out there. All of them have different styles and ways to do them. The most popular and known is the Vodoun tradition. There is also a Christian way to cast spells and also Curses (if you tweak them some), but this is so unknown to people because everybody is refering to this topic as pure Black Magick. ( If you follow the Christian path you can send an email to and i can tell you where to find this, im not gonna write about this here).

Ave Satanas ! Ave Luciferi!

So I am going to describe them from my own point of view , a Luciferian and Demonolatry point of view on this topic.

What is a Curse and a Hex ?

Definition of a Curse and Hex

The word “Curse” steams from the Old English word ‘curs’ meaning  “a prayer that evil or harm befall one consignment of a person, persons , a place or an object to an evil fate. It is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or be attached to “what” is Cursed.

This can be accomplished by invoking or evoking a supernatural or spiritual power. What I am saying is that the person casting it takes the help from a God, Spirit, Demon or an Elemental power.

In some “rare” occasions there are people that can do this by pure willpower and connection with demonic entities to project their Malice. This of course takes alot of years and practice in the craft. It took me 15 years as a true practitioner to accomplish this. And yes there are people that have the genetic ability passed down to them to do this without any practice , but they have the repercussions to worry about! ( I will explain this later in the post ).

Aha yes ! You see what it makes ?

The word “Hex” deprives from the German word ‘hagzissa’ meaning witch, witchery or hag. And is kinda identical in the meaning of doing harm to another person or persons. Only difference in my point of view is that you do use a Curse instead of a Hex to bind objects and places, also a Curse can be only spoken if you got the the juice to make it work. I must say this again that Curses can be done by Christians but Hexes are often only associated with pure “Black Magick”. Both of them are used in Rituals and Spells!

Some very Important Questions i Recieved!

Mhm yep! There is one !

1. When can i curse ?

2. Who can i curse ?

3. Are Love spells a Curse or Hex ? ( My answer will be hated from all this white witch and such societys and groups, also there is much other stuff they do that is pure demonic ).

4. Can i Curse or Hex myself?

5. Can the person be immune ?

6. Can i get a backfire if i curse somebody?

These questions where the most frequent, so im gonna explain them for you.

1. You can curse whenever you want ! But keep in mind some of the Curses need Astrology and Moon phases to work best, also if you take the help from Demons you have to do “the work” for best result. But with enough connection and Malice in your heart this can be done 24/7. Then there is group workings and traditional methods that need planning and greater purpose.

2. You can Curse Everything in this Gods creation and beyond! (Loophole see 5.)

3. Here it gets interesting !

Mhm a Love spell right? No big deal?

In this so called white magick or white witch society this is okay to do! In my opinion its one of the most evil things to do to a person, i will leave the subject open for you guys to philosophize about when you meditate! But keep in mind that this is a rape on some other persons free will….And who cares right? Well ask the “white witches if they want to rape somebody…..!!!

4. Yes of course you can! I will tell you all, this is something we all do everyday to ourselves! But if you if you want to do it properly with a ritual then YES you can do it! And it will work better than Cursing or Hexing something else so go for it!

5. Okay i understand the question and the reason why it was asked and it amuses me so much…. Because it is based on FEAR! And this is of course one of the two emotions that drives us “humans”. (Love and Fear, there are no other emotions, all have the base in those two). Up for discussion if you want…Send me an email!

YES!!!!!! There are people Immune to Curse, Hexes, The Evil Eye, Malice, Demonic, Satanic, Solo Ritual, Group Ritual and all other kind of malice you want to send them to do them harm…. Why ?? Not so very common but i will explain two of them ( the other ones i will keep secret because of personal gains )

I will explain two “characters” that you just can skip to Curse and just save your energy. (Also to protect from Backfire from a Curse)

First “Character” is the person that has the “Armor Of God“.

Ephesians 6:11 : “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.”

This i can tell you, are like 5 % of all the religious people out there in the world that include all religions(including Hinduism). In my statement includes all of them…..I will explain it !

A person that has the “Armor Of God” is a person that would do the things Job did in the bible! Yes please find these persons today! Not even Solomon did it of them all considered all the good stuff he got…(I love that one) Its almost non existent. This goes for all religioins, yes also the suicide bombers!!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!! Yes this is true for everthing in our life also the spiritual protection!

Second “Character” is the person that has a deep conncection with Lucifer and all Demons. Yes! This is so true and much better than than the “Armor Of God”. Because we dont give a shit about God, Threefold law and remorse when we see the effect of our spell. Also when deep diving with not only our intellect but our very soul we get also an “Armor“. Of course its not the Armor of the Christian or Islamic God but the Armor of Our true God And the True Power of the All Mighty and this will not only protect us but also reverse and backfire the curses and hexes to the person that sends us Malice.

(I will make a post how to start out as a beginner practitioner within our Luciferian cult in a later post, also for our newly gained recruits)


Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi!

6. So the most important question! Can you get a backfire if you curse somebody? Im sorry to tell you , but yes you can get so fucked ! I will explain this…

This is how you will get a backfire! Okay first of all lets skip explaining how the “Ceremonial Magicians” will get it. And lets stick to the other practitoners.

When doing the Curse or Hex…Be 100% you want to hurt the person!!!! And when you see this person get hurt or some very serious bad things happen to them dont EVER!!! IM TELLING YOU DONT EVER REGRET WHAT YOU CURSED THEM TO AND WILL HAPPEN TO THEM!!

If you chicken out you will get the Three-fold Law or even worse you will get the thing you asked will happen to the victim of your curse to yourself! Its a very honest and a straight forward system. Also the Demon you “asked” for help will “loose” the respect for you. Imagine you ask an artist or some other person to paint or build something for you and they are trying to do the Job , then in the last minute you cry and take your order back when they have almost completed the work you ordered!! You think they will be happy with you? Will they ask for more money? Yes they will!! But here you cant pay money you will pay with your health, luck or a close ones! This maybe sounds easy for you when you read it, but imagine this scenario:

The person gets totally destroyed by sickness or family issue and he/she is close to you…NO MATTER WHAT CAN YOU SHOW REMORSE!!! This is the hack and strategy to avoid the Three-fold Law and also backfire of the curse. This is easy for us Luciferians and other of the Craft but not for the weak minded! So be careful what you wish for in you ritual! This is science at some point and can be explained…. A thought is energy and what we think affects our biology. But when enhancing this energy with contacting Gods, Spirits and Demons it it gets Cosmical, and to then send these energies whithout a 100% purpose or regret will affect you in all possible ways. Just be aware of this and you will be fine. Then we also have the promises and offerings you made to the forces you asked for help!

Fuck this shit , it doesnt exist ! I will tell you how it works!

Just a fast word on “Karma” because every New Age “witchy” society out there is so obsessed with it….

This is something i will probably get hated for telling you , but im gonna do it anyway! So lets say a “President” is going to start some project that will take lives but benefit his financial situation like oil and other business. So if his project is going to kill 1000 people then he/she is going to have to save 1000 people! You wonder how? Well just check the charity these people are doing!!! Yes! There it is i dont care what you think or say, kill 1000 people and save 1000 people will take care of it. This also goes for all the “Icons” we see out there in the media and the industry (Hollywood)! A relative dies ? Then they give out a new album or world Tour! Just do some research on how many of these people have kids or relatives that die in a violent, suicide or drug related death. Why do you think they all are filantropists? If you wanna discuss this further or get triggered by it send me an email! Everybody that thinks that they “See” are Blind! This is my word and i have spoken!

Dont believe what you see! Belive what you feel! And get connection from the true God to see!!! Nothing will be hidden and all the bullshit and untrue people and agendas will be as clear as a blue skye! This includes everyday interactions…Not only global events! This is my word and i have Spoken!

Vampire or Energetic Workings

This is hardcore!

Yes i dont mean the Twilight vampire or Dracula stuff! Im talking about the more vile and malicious workings. I will leave this open but it is a very important subject on this topic. All i have to say is read “Cosimanos” works…..And you can put it in Curse and Hex folder. (Really heavy stuff that works better than most punches and kicks) Respect to this man!

How to cast a successful Curse

Yes this is the Question that many of you want to know the answer to!!!

My Professional answer is ….Leave all your New Age, Wiccan, Christian, Islamic, Mindfullness crap and turn to the only and true FORCE that will get you results and “listen” to your inner thoughts and feelings. When you are in the state of mind that you wish to Curse somebody , it is the same state of mind that you are in when you want to murder somebody! (And it is beautiful that you cant get arrested for this in the West! There is a Death Penalty for this in Islamic states with Sharia Laws so take care and keep your workings and intensions a secret!

In Luciferianskakyrkan we are teaching attack and protection, because this is the way of life. You protect what you love and attack what is threathening you! Without remorse!!!

Religious Group or a Cult?

We are not a Religious group!

This is because all the Satanic networks out there in the World dont fit our beliefs and practices!!! Also Luciferianism is based on experience, practice and faith!!! Are we Satanistic? Yes you can call us Satanic definitely…Because our doctrince goes under the Left hand path ideology.

Are we A Cult ?

Yes we are ! And we are Growing because critical and intelligent people out there KNOWS through experience, practice and faith that there is one “Deity” out there that responds to prayers, worship, belief, self empowerment, intelligence, strength, true power of will and most of all a hard and true effort to become a better being!!! A God and a Master of Your Own Reality! (Upcoming topic about this!)

New Christianity and The New Age Movement!

Its a joke! Yes please do the 666 sign with your hand and it will maybe relieve you of your stress….Why not just join the Luciferian cause and make your life both spiritual and meaningful? Without the burdens of stupidity? (Research Kundalini Yoga, and also this will be a later topic)

Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi!

New Christianity!

This is not a only a heresy and stupidity but also a way into “Satans Masterplan“. So i have no comment on it , please keep going guys..! (A very Big Smiley 😀 😀 😀 )

For the Critical And Intelligent People!

2019-07-01 – 2019-11-25 !!!

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Lets celebrate with a “Prayer” to Our true Lord!

Here comes Lyrics from a Song from the group Dissection!

Lets all Sing This Together In Our Minds Or Shout Out So All Our Neighboors Hear Our Respect To Our Lord !!!

Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!

We invoke thee, Black Dragon of Chaos
We evoke thee, O mighty dragon force

Awaken now from your aeonic slumber — rise up from the abyss
Dragon of forgotten lore – let your Chaos rule forever more
Lotan – Raise your seven heads and let the ancient ones rule again

Apep – Dragon of devouring darkness, supreme ruler of emptiness
Open up your black diamond eyes and rejoice as Ra’s creation dies

Jormungand – Lord of the poisonous sea, fulfill the twilight prophecy
Unleash your hatred upon all life and kill this world in the final strife
Tiamat – Queen of the formless deep – The Eleventh seal is now broken
Hark to your children’s invocations and awaken from your dreadful sleep

Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!

Leviathan – Tortuous one, by your Wrathful Chaos our war will be won
Bring forth your darkness, grant us your grace and enlighten us in your wicked ways
Typhon – Lord of dark desires, purify us with your smokeless fires
Make us at one with thyself and walk the earth once again

Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam!

Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi!

Haagenti ritual


Sorry for the delay on the ritual to Haagenti, but here it comes as promised!

Haagenti Is a Great President of Hell

Lets see what the Goetia tells us about this Powerful Demon:

It tells us that President Haagenti rules over Thirty-three legions of demons. He makes men wise by instructing them in every subject, transmutes all metals into gold, and changes wine into water and water into wine. Haagenti is depicted as a big bull with the wings of a griffin, changing into a man under request of the conjurer. Haagenti is the 48th demon of the 72 demons of Solomon The King.

This is what the Goetia tells us about Haagenti, and yes it doesnt give him the credit he needs!

I will share my personal knowledge i have gained from working with Haagenti!

These are his powers that you can ask him to bestow upon you:

Haagenti is the patron of Alchemists, and possesses the secrets of transmutation.

He helps the person to invest in his own business and life.

Personal change! To bring about change in yourself.

Remove Fear.

Break bad and stubborn habits.

To bring change in your personality.

To remove Doubts.

In this ritual i only acted as an assistence to the person that wanted to contact Haagenti and make the appropriate change in her life. I did all the invocations of the Elements and the Elemental circle, but the other person herself did the invocation to Haagenti. And also the bloodoffering, alcohol and food after the ritual was all hers to make. I just made the promise to Haagenti to let the world know about him and his guidance! He is an underestimated Demon! I myself see him as one of the more powerful Demons!

Lets start with the Invocation Ritual!

Preparations before the ritual!

You will need some black candles and incense. Storax is his incense to use. Also if you want you can dress in some orange clothes! Haagentis dominant Element is Earth (water element under King Corson.) His direction is to the West!

As usually dont do any banishing rituals and dont cleanse your ritual tools!!! I dont give a shit what other books and Internet says about this!!! Let the former energies in your home and past rituals linger in the air and the tools you use! As i said before: What is Alexander the Greats Sword when cleansed ? It will just be an ordinary piece of metal without any power and energy whatsoever!

You will need to draw his Sigil on a piece of paper, if you follow the most expensive way, draw Haagentis sigil with Mercury. But lets stick to the budget version and just draw it on paper ! For best results you need to dampen your logical part of your brain with some alcohol! This is because every voice, image, sound, whisper, vision, smell is going to be processed from your critical mind. And when processed this way you will maybe lose the deep connection with the demon or a message from them. Therefore you need to dampen it, i myself use alcohol as this method. You have to of course know your limits and drink the acceptable amount (dont pass out and you need to be able to speak) those are the criteria.

Then write your desire and request on the back of his sigil!

A ritual bath is voluntary, i do this because i feel more calm and focused, not to get clean in some way…Do a fast if you want to for 24h it will strenghten your mind and body, but if food is on your mind all the time this will be bad for your focus. Also if you are diabetic dont fast.

Lets Start With The Invocation Ritual!

So first Lets summon all of the Elements into our Ritual space as a circle that will let our energy be more concentrated!

Imagine a ring of Earth around you in your ritual space, i do this by imagining grass and flowers in a ring around me.


Imagine this ring of grass and flowers starting to swirl around you like a wind or become a thick mist.


Imagine this ring of swirling leaves or thick mist splash down to the ground again and create a ring of water around you that is clear and glittering.


Imagine this clear and glittering ring of water ignite into flames and surround you.

Great you have invoked all of the elements into the ritual working place, this is necessary because demons are elemental beings.

Now it is the time to Invite the Four Princes of Hell to Bless the Work!

If you use an Athame, Wand, Dagger, Staff or Finger point this to the location and draw an Inverted Pentagram in the Air while inviting the Four Princes of Hell to Bless your Workings! And say the Demonic Enn for each one of them as described below!

To invoke Air: “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer! (To the East)

To invoke Fire: “Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanis! (To the South)

To invoke Water: “Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca, Leviathan! (To the West)

To invoke Earth: “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial! (To the North)

Now when that is done lets start with the Demonic Enns that opens up a connection to the demon in conjunction with the Blood Offering. (Your own blood is the best for opening a communication channel between you and the demon, but sure if you want to “give” some other blood just do it, no judgements from me!)

Demonic Enn For President Haagenti!

Haagenti on ca lirach (a link if you need help to pronounce the words)

Dont listen to this to this Enn! Just watch how to pronounce the words then shut it off! And chant it for yourself. Do this Enn chanting for at least 15 minutes, when you feel Haagentis presence you need to cut yourself and let the blood of your choosing flow on the sigil.

As you can see Haagenti Manifested himself as pure energy (The small green dot that is hoovering around in between the Adepts hands!)

Keep chanting the Enn then say your desire and request out loud (what you wrote on the back of the sigil! After that, burn the sigil and send your request into the Universe!

This is how her Book OF Shadows looked like with the dried blood on it!

Ave Luciferi Ave Satanas! Lux Omnia Vincit!

What Luciferianism Means!


Today i want to talk about what Luciferianism is and what it really means. We have authors like Anton LaVey who wrote the Satanic Bible and other works, also started the Church of Satan.

This person inspired me through his works, i was fifteen when i read the Satanic Bible and that book was my initiation into Satanism. But do i care about him as a person? No i dont give a fuck about him or who he was or what he did. He inspired me and i was guided and moved on to deeper understanding and deep diving into Satanism guided by my inner light and a thirst for more knowledge. What i totally hate though is that people today criticize him and his person. The man is dead and laid some of the groundwork for todays Satanism, which should be praised. Do i agree with him ? Yes, on some things i do! But as a Theistic Luciferianist im not an atheist and therefore some of his works dont apply to my belief!

Then we have Aleister Crowley. This man was the father of modern magick. His book on Magick in Theory and Practice was a great inspiration to me and guided me further on my path into both Magick and Luciferianism. Do i care about who he was and what he did? No i dont give a fuck!!!Did his book of the law talk to me ? No it didnt!

I have read alot about his life and some stuff that most people dont know about him. Some shit he did was very vile and fucked up, like asking prostitutes to fart in his mouth! And other stuff that he did that most Crowley fans dont even know about because they havnt done their research! Do i judge him? No i dont! I thank him for all the insights and experiences his works have given me!

Satanism is not something to shock your parents and friends with, its not something to fuel your hate and go and sabotage graveyards and burn churches with! Its not something to use when you are angry and want to be an activist or “rebel” at some stuff that you cant do shit about, go drink a beer, have some sex and chill out. Its not even something to use as an agenda in a political movement to fill your pockets with money.

Is it wrong to make money on Satanism? No its not! The thing is, that today we see organizations that call themselves Satanists that think they have an exclusive right on the Satanic faith and that they talk for all of us. When you tell them that you are a Theistic Luciferian they scorch you with arguments that we are superstitious and that our belief is just a cultural and historical thing which undermine “nonbelievers” with our dogmatic view!

Well this is fine!! BUT WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CALL YOURSELVES SATANISTS THEN! If your belief in “Satan” is just a literary thing. They base their whole belief in works like John Miltons Paradise Lost! Can you believe this? This stuff doesnt stop there! They criticize all other beliefs and religions out there, especially Christianity.

Now please tell me how can you criticize the Holy Bible that gave birth to John Miltons Novel Paradise Lost in the first place! Or Dantes Inferno?

These are all literary works based on the Religious nonsense made up against this Archetype in their Holy Books called “Satan”. Satan is the name Religion gave this “scapegoat”, this “evil” that tempt people into sin and spoil humans. Also this Adversary to the “True” God that always has to be a bitch and cry how he has be treated wrong and must avenge this by doing evil shit.

How can some organizations out there base their whole religious society on this twisted view on Lucifer the God Of Forbidden Light? Its amazing how they ride on our society´s political correctness. They go to school and give out pamplets with Satanic propaganda to children (which is totally Theistic, you can check it out for yourselves, one of the question is “can you pray to Satan in school”) This is great by me because i want to spread the Luciferian belief.

Here are some Tenets from one of this organizations:

One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason!

This is cool i guess, if you see the “creatures” worthy of your compassion then sure show it to them and treat them good. But check out the next one and tell me how it works with the previous. Here it comes :

The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

So how the fuck can you offend somebody and show compassion, empathy and make this with reason without encroaching upon somebody elses freedom?

Its so fuckin stupid!!!! Here comes the next one :

One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

So lets say i violate and offend you, is your body gonna feel good through your own will? This kinda works if you live alone on an island or in a rainforest without any people that try to force their will upon you or bully, offend, violate, supress you and other shit. Go away please!!!

Here comes the best one! :

Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.

Okay!! Lets say im a scientist and i have my own belief about subatomic particles, and i work day and night to prove my theory. And finally i do this experiment that will revolutionize Quantum Physics because i had the will to make my belief into reality but the whole world rejected it!! Will these “good” Satanists then follow my science and reject the previous? Yes they probably will, but let me show my point with a quote from our beloved Einstein!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to Evolution!”

There hasnt been a scientific discovery without an imagination first, well maybe if it was an accident in an experiment, but you understand what i mean. Yes yes i know these organizations dont mean this kind of “imagination” they mean the superstition and religious imaginations! But everyone who study the occult Science of Magick knows that Quantum Physics, religion and psychology are intertwined.

A thought is an energy wave that is sent out from you the instant you think it. There is an experiment called the Double Slit Experiment that shows how subatomic particles react to our perception. This is an evidence that there is an intelligence behind everything in our known Universe and this dimension! And these organizations that base their tenets “Scientifically” kinda miss out this evidence, then we have dark matter and dark energy! That is a topic that will take forever to discuss. But the fake Satanists
dont make the connection that some stuff still cant be explained by Science alone. BUT THEY CAN BE EXPLAINED THROUGH MAGICK AND FAITH!!!!

Here is the last Tenet i will bring up, its a good one :

Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

Okay lets feel free to offend the shit out of everyone we feel to bully, then feel noble about it and at the same time feel compassion, wisdom and that justice always shall prevail over the stuff i used to offend somebody? Then they say in that Tenet that we can just reject all of their tenets because there is no truth in the written or spoken word if there is no compassion, wisdom or justice, which you can read for yourselves that there isnt!!!!

Its laughable and so unintelligent, i wonder who wrote all of these tenets. And these people call all other true believers of the old ways of Luciferianism bad! Well i am one of these Theists that they call superstitious so i have the right to call them something back!!



Ave Luciferi Ave Satanas! Lux Omnia Vincit!

About Hexes and spellcasting

We as a Luciferian Community with a direction to Demonolatry practice curses and as people want to call it “Hexes”.

We do this post because of the recent requests of curses and spellcasting!

We must clarify that what in Luciferianskakyrkan is not some “Witchy” stuff that involves some candle burning and a rhyme that takes 20 seconds to complete and then you let the candle burn out….

If you consider to buy our service you have to consider som very important decisions.

First, your intent must be 100% clear, this means no regrets or remorse!

Second, when the spell has its effect (and before), you have to embrace the four pillars of Magick from Solomon The King! These are:

To Know!

To Will!

To Dare!

To Keep Silent!

Dont even contact us if you cant embrace these four Pillars Of Magick!

We are not some hobby Spellcasters wannabe Vodoo Magicians!

If you decide to take advantage of our services you need to understand that this is not a joke or something “fun”. It requires something from yourself and you need to provide this to us and also for the afterwork of the ritual. These Demons that we contact are from a prechristian Era! It is not some joke from some TV show about “witchy” stuff!

Our Holy Father in Our Community has a Deep Connection with these forces as allies! You can practice Wicca and basic Satanism, this is fine by us! But For all requests that we recieve we want to clarify that our Luciferian Religion is something Authentic and can be read about in books like The Malleus Maleficarum! We are the true Satanic “Witches” if you have the need to call us that! We are not EVIL, because this is a human perception of what moral laws and beliefs are to follow in our wicked society! We in This Community stand above all these human made laws about Evil And Karma! We in our Society make up our own laws based on experience and subjective belief!

For you people that think this is a joke! We drink alcohol to dampen our logic mind(you can read about this, its the left side of our brain) then we do sacrifice and the ritual, after ritual work we do another sacrifice!

For our services we want the symbolic amount of 66.6 Euro or Dollar!

Please dont think that this is something “supernatural”, in our community Magick is a science and all the adepts learn to use this science to their benefits!

For further questions use our Instagram Luciferianska_Kyrkan or email us at

Our Holy Father That is Running Or Community Luciferianskakyrkan has 22 years of Experience into Satanism, the real Satanism that was practised in ages past and not this modern Satanism! Todays Satanism because of some “influences” is a total joke to us religious Satanists! There are many political factors and opinions out there! Sure, us true Luciferians we accept all people into our belief system, but today exists organisations and other so called Satanists that have no belief in our old ways as a Religion! Unfortunately they are trying to speak for every Satanist out there!

We need to be Vigilant and stand up against these false opinions that are on the rise, as true Satanists! There is an uprising in our social community about matters as HBTQ and Free Of Thinking! These new “Satanic” forces are riding on this acceptance of human behavior! This is not wrong! We Luciferians accept everybody in our beliefsystem, the problem is that these so called Satanists use the beliefs of Satanism but they call themselves “non believers“! I dont accept this as a true Luciferian! This for me is a wrong doing and a blasphemy against authentic Satanism! If you call yourself a Satanist you automatically embrace what it means to have a Satanic view and lifestyle of The Black Flame!

These “new” so called Satanists are a political movement that uses “Satan” as an archetype of rebellion and defiance! And they want to ride on this political correctness! This of course is great if they themselves believe in Satan! But they dont have a belief in Lucifer!

They see him as a figure in litterature and only that! Can you imagine this! Its disgusting for all of us Authentic Luciferians out there, and they talk to media and make us true Satanists look bad!

We true Satanists dont have a need to brag or discuss with media about our beliefs, but i think its the time for us to stand up against this false Satanic Religion that is showed to the masses!

Ave Luciferi! Ave Satanas!

King Paimon!
King Paimons Sigil

This blog will be about one of my Patron Demons , King Paimon!

There are many opinions that you cant have more than one Patron Demon. This is not true. Everything comes from experience and a deep connection with these ancient intelligent forces!

Who Is King Paimon?

King Paimon is a great King Of Hell. He is one of the Demons that isnt getting scared of Jesus when mentioned in an Evocation by Ceremonial Magicians or Exorcists. He is the Ninth Spirit in the Clavicula Solomonis Regis! Also when in a sleep paralysis the person having it cant evoke the power of Jesus to be brought out of the paralysis!

King Paimons Powers that can guide us!

Understanding inner Needs!

Develop Reputation!

Influence Through Presence!

Confuse People!

Musical Ability!

Discover What you want from your life!

Discover All Arts And Secret Things!

Control Peoples Mind For The Magician!

Get Respect!

All of his powers you can find online, or in Books, but some i wrote here that are from personal experience through years of work and worship to King Paimon!

He hates all matters of Love and Relationships, so dont ask him stuff about that. King Paimon is very Obedient to Lucifer and Paimon loves the desires that comes from Pride and true inner feelings of getting power over other humans.

King Paimons color is Yellow, he wants Frankincense, his metal is Gold, planet Sun and his element is Water. Direction West.

Demonic Enn: Linan tasa jedan Paimon!

This is a Blood Offering through Demonolatry Worship Of Demons To My Patron Demons. Also Bael, Dantalion and Valac are my Patron Demons! I have so many wich is forbidden to have in Demonolatry , but i tell you !!!! Everything is from experience so if you work with the demons and have a connection dont listen to human made laws out there!!! Make your own laws and be your own demonic deity to get raised to a status of being a demon!! This takes alot of time. But you will notice a change in your mentality also in your physical appearance, there will be a power inside you that will transform your whole being into a better version of yourself. Both mentally and physically.

All of the pictures is from a Blood Sacrifice Ritual! To get Guidance and Self Empowerement! To become a God In Our Luciferian View OF Life, Nothing Is Tru Everything Is Permitted!!! In our Luciferian Community you can learn to harvest these ancient energies and let them guide you in your life.

There are many “old” grimores out there that describes how to and what to do to get in contact with the forces! I can by experience tell you that almost everyone of them are wrong! They are written in a manner to confuse the adept and make them do the wrong choices!!!! Dont listen to the bullshit to engrave the demon sigils on gold or silver, planetary alignements and moon phases. This is something that is of use but if you get a personal connection you can discard all of this. If you want to engrave a demon sigil do it on your skin!!! This is the most effective and most rewarding thing to do, it shows dedication, worship and a blood ritual in itself while you tatoo it on yourself. Ave Luciferi! Ave Satanas! Ave Paimon!

Ave Luciferi, Ave Satanas! Lux Omnia Vincit!

Invocation to purson and forneus!

I also used my Lucifer`s Tarot a visiual tool to get contact. This is how the Tarot cards look like

King Purson!

Purson is a great King of Hell and very Powerful. His powers are :

Tell all things Past, Present and to Come.

He answeres truly truly of all Earthly things both secret and Divine, and of the creation of the World.

He Gives good familiars.

To enable favourable decisions in financial matters.

To bring fortune to a project that is close to your heart, at an important time of change.

Any assistance and favor.

Exploring Change if you are stuck in some way.

Attract investment for a project.

Marquis Forneus!

Forneus is a great Marquis of Hell. His powers are:

He teaches rhetoric and languages.

He helps give you a good reputation.

Can make both your friends and enemies love you.

Make somebody fear you.

Creative reputation and fame.

To appear powerful

To confuse all enemies.

Preparations before the Ritual!

You will need some black candles. Incense , Purson wants Frankincense. Forneus wants Jasmine. Pursons element is Earth and Forneus element is Water. Pursons direction is to the West and Forneus is to the North.

As usual dont do any banishing rituals or other cleansing, let your energies be in the place where your ritual is gonna take place.

You will need to draw their Sigils on a piece of paper, if you follow the most expensive way, draw Pursons sigil on Gold and Forneus on Silver, or even better engrave it.. But lets stick to the budget version! For best result you need to dampen your logical part of your brain! Then write your desire and request on the back of their sigils.

This is because every voice, image, sound, whisper, vision, smell is going to be processed from your critical mind. And when processed this way you will maybe lose the deep connection with the demon or a message from them. Therefore you need to dampen it, i myself use alcohol as this method. You have to of course know your limits and drink the acceptable amount (dont pass out and you need to be able to speak) those are the criteria. Hahaha!

A ritual bath is voluntary, i do this because i feel more calm and focused, not to get clean in some way…Do a fast if you want to for 24h it will strenghten your mind and body, but if food is on your mind all the time this will be bad for your focus. Also if you are diabetic dont fast hahaha.

Consecrate all of your tools if you want, i myself dont like to consecrate them because the energy from previous magick rituals still linger in them. And for me this amplifies the connection with the new ritual and demon. Imagine an item like Alexander The Greats Sword, if you consecrate his sword and wash away all previous energies from it, the sword will just be a piece of Metal.

Lets start with the Ritual!

I started with King Purson because there is a Hierarchy in Hell and all of the demons follow it. Also we were two persons that did the ritual to Forneus!

I will merge the two rituals in one description, because the procedure was the same.

So first Lets summon all of the Elements into our Ritual space:

Imagine a ring of Earth around you in your ritual space, i do this by imagining grass and flowers in a ring around me.


Imagine this ring of grass and flowers starting to swirl around you like a wind or become a thick mist.


Imagine this ring of swirling leaves or thick mist splash down to the ground again and create a ring of water around you that is clear and glittering.


Imagine this clear and glittering ring of water ignite into flames and surround you.

Great you have invoked all of the elements into the ritual working place, this is necessary because demons are elemental beings.

Now it is the time to Invite the Four Princes of Hell to Bless the Work!

To invoke Air: “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer!

To invoke Fire: “Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanis!

To invoke Water: “Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca, Leviathan!

To invoke Earth: “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial!

Now when that is done lets start with the Demonic Enns that opens up a connection to the demon in conjunction with the Blood Offering. (Your own blood is the best for opening a communication channel between you and the demon, but sure if you want give “some” other blood just do it, no judgements from me!)

Demonic Enn For King Purson:

Ana Jecore On Ca Purson!

Do this Enn chanting for at least 15 minutes, when you feel Pursons presence you need to cut yourself and let the blood of your choosing flow on the sigil.

Keep chanting the Enn then say your desire and request out loud! After that, burn the sigil and send your request into the Universe!

Demonic Enn For Marquis Forneus:

Senan Okat Ena Forneus Ayer!

Same procedure as for Purson, but for Forneus ritual as i said before we were two people , here are some pictures!

An advice to much blood can make the request hard to burn hahahaha!!!!

The Invocation to Purson resulted in a Physical Manifestation, i was very glad and humble when King Purson appeared before me. Because of the four Pillars Of Magick im not allowed to speak of it!

This is how our Book OF Shadows looked like with the dried blood on them! You cant even see Forneus Sigil because we bled like crazy! Also the book cracked open from its hardcover, if you look at the bottom picture and the middle of the book and the bottom middle from all our blood hahaha!

Ave Luciferi Ave Satanas!

God OF Forbidden Light!


Today im gonna talk about Lucifers Black Flame that gives illumination to mankind, or the people who are willing to embrace it! Before we start i need to clarify i wont go into Sumerian, Babylonian, Canaanite and Egyptian Religon, that is a Post that i will do in the future because this has a significant impact on the Luciferian belief, so lets stick to the basics!

Lets Start with Prometheus!

Prometheus was a Titan in Greek Mythology who defied the GODS by stealing “the fire” and giving it to humanity, an act that enabled human progress and civilization. As a punishment for this, the King of the GODS Zeus sentenced Prometheus to eternal torment for the crime. Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle was sent to feed on his liver. His liver would then grow back overnight to be eaten again the next day.

Lets take a look At The Book Of Enoch The Prophet!

Enoch is the great-grandfather of Noah in the Bible. The book of Enoch was known by early Jews and Christians. Most of the Jews and Christian today dont use this book as a biblical canon. So lets see why this book is so interesting for us Luciferians!

Azazel, Azazyel

In the Bible, the Name Azazel appears in association with the scapegoat rite; the name represents a desolate place where a scapegoat bearing the sins of the Jews during Yom Kippur was sent. During the Second Temple period, he appears as a fallen angel responsible for introducing humans to forbidden knowledge. His role as a fallen angel partly remains in Christian and Islamic traditions.

Azazel is according to the Book of Enoch a “fallen” angel or a “fallen” Watcher. He was one of the chief amongst the Watchers, a group of angels who loved human women and took them as wifes. The same story is told in the Bible but his name wasnt mentioned there( Genesis 6:2-4). Enoch tells in the book that Azazel was responsible for teaching people to make weapons and cosmetics, and for this “crime” he was cast out of heaven! In Enochs Book 8:1-3a it says :

” And Azazel taught men to make swords and knives and shields and breastplates; and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them; and bracelets and ornaments; and the use of antimony and the beautifying of the eyelids; and all kinds of costly stones and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornification, and they were led astray and became corrupt in all their ways.” The corruption brought on by Azazel and the Grigori degrades the human race, and the four archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel) “saw much blood being shed upon the earth and all lawlessness being wrought upon the earth […] The souls of men made their suit, saying, “Bring our cause before the Most High; […] Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were in heaven, which men were striving to learn.” God sees the sin brought about by Azazel and has Raphael “bind Azazel hand and foot and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert – which is in Dudael – and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light.” Azazel’s fate is foretold near the end of Enoch 2:8, where God says, “On the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire.

Prometheus and Azazel both shared the fate of suffering for helping humankind!


Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer means “Light Bringer”. Interpretations of a similar term in the Hebrew Bible, translated in the King James version of the Bible as “Lucifer”, led to a Christian tradition of applying the name Lucifer and its associated stories of a fall from heaven to Satan. Also Lucifer is the name for the planet Venus and depicted as the “Morning Star”. This is because in Astrology it appears in the east before sunrise. The worship of the Morning Star (Sirius, the Dog Star) goes back to Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz (Tammuz being represented by Sirius).

Some passages in the Bible about Lucifer, i wont write them because i hate the Christian doctrine. But i feel it is of importance to read them all to get the understanding of how the Christian church tells the lies about Lucifer and you can see for yourselves that Lucifer is the flame that lives in our hearts!

Isaiah 14:12-15 (Calling Lucifer “Day Star” and “Son of Dawn”, also about how Lucifers pride wants him to become greater than GOD and become the highest)

2 Corinthians 11:14 (another attempt to calumniate Lucifer)

Revelation 20:10 (same suffering stuff as the fate of Prometheus and Azazel)

Revelation 22:16 ( this literally says that Jesus is Lucifer!)

Revelation 9:1 (sirius)

Revelation 9:11 (aknowledging both Hebrew and Greek Religion, that the “Angel of the bottomless pit is a King!)

Revelation 12:1-17 (Satan thrown down to Earth and the Woman and the Dragon)

Luke 10:18 (Lucifers fall from heaven, the lightning bolt you often can see in Satanism)

John 8:44 (Another shit talk about Lucifer being a liar!)

Jude 1:6 (The Jail)

2 Peter 2:4 (The Watchers punishment)

Genesis 3:1-24 (The fall of Man! The Birth of Man in Luciferianism by Christian teachings)

Ezekiel 28:13 (Tells of all the stones and metall that are of Lucifer)

Job 1:6 (Tells how “Satan” is the King of Earth, and that GOD offers him a job…..)

John 12:31 (Talks about the ruler of this world(Satan) and that he will be cast out)

1 John2:18-27 (Warnings about “Antichrist”)

1 Peter 5:8-9 (More lies to deny and recieve Lucifers Black Flame)

1 John 5:19 (Tells that Lucifer rules the Earth)

John 10:10 (More lies about Lucifer being a murderer, destroyer and thief)

Zechariah 3:1-2 (Shows Lucifer as Satan the opposer and scapegoat)

2 Corinthians 2:11 (More shit throwing about how not to accept Lucifers Flame)

2 Timothy 2:26 (Dont be passionate and reject the Black Flame)

Okay enough Bible quotes, there are so many!!

We can all see the ridiculous blaming on this “Satan” figure, because GOD was angry that Lucifer brought us humans our intellect. Also alot of later literature cemented this Christian belief that Lucifer is the “Satan” figure of the Bible. Like Dante’s Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Lucifer’s element is air, air being that which allows us to speak his words of truth as his manifestation on Earth. Lucifer’s direction is to the east. In Tarot the Element Air is depicted as the Swords suite, they stand for intellect, mentality and ego, all aspects of it , both the negative and positive. The air element is the only element that can go through all other elements.

There is only Passion!

Lucifer stands for:

Passion, Intellect, Illumination, Wisdom, Spirituality, Strength, Power, Pride, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Love for Life and Selfdeification!!!

Lyrics from God OF Forbidden Light! by Dissection.

Hail Lucifer!
Dark bringer of light
Hail Lucifer!
Giver of eternal sight

Wisdom bringer – We call upon thy name
Bestow upon us thy infernal blessings
Of the inner divine flame

Open our eyes Mighty Father
So that we may see
Guide our steps on the Burning Path
Of liberation and ecstasy

Titanic Prometheus – God of forbidden light
Your Black Flame we bear inside as a legacy of your might

Illumination’s father – God of shadowless light
Black Sun of dark mysteries – Restore the dragon’s sight

Mighty god of darkness
All salutations to thee
Your gift of knowledge and rebellion
Will set our spirits free

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer!
Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer!

Open our eyes Mighty Father
So that we may see
Guide our steps on the Burning Path
Of liberation and ecstasy

Mighty god of darkness
All salutations to thee
Raise the hidden flames within us
Into chaos set us free

Ave Luciferi!

Chaos Magick!

What Chaos Magick is from my own experience and perspective:

Nothing is true; everything is permitted

“Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted.

It is you yourself who creates your own reality, the power lies with you. At the end of this post i will show some literature that is a good start to read if you want to start practicing Chaos Magick!

Religions, rituals, meditations, and all techniques that raise your level of vibration and give you results do not necessarily depend on the actual religion or ritual you perform. The power to change reality is with the practitioner itself, the path you walk or the technique you use is just one Tool. If you think that Christianitys devotion works for you but at the same time you feel to practice some Satanism too, why not?

You can use rituals, prayers, techiques from all the religions and magickal systems of the world as long as you get the specific result you want! Binding yourself to a specific religion, path, magickal system is like taking a gigantic bank loan!!! YOU will Never be able to pay off your loan and you will pay interest the rest of your life.

Today you wont be burned at the stake or hanged as a witch!

All information and methods are valid, the only requirement is that they work. Mastering your subconscious mind by performing magick operations is an important part of our spiritual and alchemical development into becoming a GOD. It is the Luciferian way. Faith is a choice, there is no inner value in anything except what we ourselves create. The belief itself is just a tool for creating an effect. Of course if you are a slave under a faith where you need to bend the knee to a GOD you will never yourself find illumination.

Here are some books to start you up on Chaos Magick!

If you are looking for spirituality and enlightenment then the best way is to study all disciplines and to sort out all the bullshit for yourself, this is the HEART OF CHAOS MAGIC. To look beyond all false doctrines, morals and man-made laws, and to use the knowledge that speaks to your inner being.

Chaos can be beautiful and positive, order can be dangerous and negative!You can use a hammer to build a house and you can use it as a weapon to smash somebodys head with it. The hammer itself is just a tool, neither positive or negative!

From your own inner chaos you create the reality you want to live in. If you understand yourself, you understand the Gods and the universe!

There is no book, guru or a magic pill that can force your exaltation into divinity, you must do the work yourself!

Ave Luciferi! Ave Satanas!

Invocation to Dantalion!


Yesterday night i did an invocation to the Goetic Demon Dantalion. I did it because i need his guidance in a bad worksituation. So far it hasnt escalated to the point that i need to curse the person, but i still need to have an edge in the situation. I want to share with you how i did this invocation to Dantalion the 71st Demon from the Clavicula Salomonis Regis. (Lesser Key Of Solomon)

First i want to clarify that people who deep dive into Demonolatry dont use Evocation to communicate with the Demons!!! Evocation is only used by these so called Ceremonial Magicians and is basically based on a ridiculous Christian Faith. And these Ceremonial Magicians always have to worry about reprisals, backfire, bad luck, reversed curses and all this kinds of shit happening to them, also to not get what they requested.

Evoking a Demon into physical reality is not necessary. If you do the invocation correctly you Will see, hear a voice, get a vision, a dream, influence over your thoughts, creative ideas and much more. Forcing the Demon to Appear is disrespectful and not necessary. It is like asking your teacher for advice with threatening to beat them up if they dont give any. So lets leave that shit to the people that “think” they got the juice to command ancient forces!

Invocation is the mean to bring the demon inside the person that summons it, and this is the True Way of Demonolatry! You do this politely without threats of Jesus or the false God. So lets stick to that! An Invocation is free, unrestricted exchange, politeness, respect, positivity, spirituality, friendship, mentorship, guidance and also worship( If you are deep diving into Demonolatry).

Preparations before the Invocation ritual!

You will need a Black candle, 5 if you have the space to draw a Pentagram on the floor and place all the candles in each corner. But lets stick to the budget version like me! You will need incense, Dantalion likes Sandalwood incense but if you have Dragonsblood or Frankincense it will suffice. You need a piece of paper, i used ordinary paper to write his sigil, and on the back you need to write your “wish” or “request”. You should be facing to the North when you do this invocation because this is his direction on the point of the compass that is inhibited with Dantalion. DO NOT DO ANY BANISHING RITUALS IN YOUR HOME! Like The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram! This will fuckup your connection with Dantalion. Also this i will advice you is completely Voluntary :

If you decide to fast and dont eat for 24 hours before the ritual it is great! It gives a strength of the mind and body, purification. And also if you take a ritual bath before the Invocation its a very good thing to do.

Okey Lets Start With The Ritual Itself!

Why i choose Dantalion is because he has the Power to Project Charisma. This power gives me an easy charm that makes people in my surroundings to want to be near me. But the main reason i chose him is because he has the power to let me Know The Thoughts Of Others and Influence Their, Thoughts and Feeelings also To Assist with any Desires!

Here is my budget setup:

I used my own drawing of Dantalions Sigil but also my Tarot Deck Lucifers Tarot. All these Paraphernalia helps to get deeper inside the ritual, the more you have that triggers you the better! When you are all setup with your ritual tools you can start with this!

First off you need to summon an elemental cirkel within you ritual area. You do this by imagine a cirkel of Water Around your workplace. Because Water is Dantalions element. This you can do how you want, i do this by imagining a circle of fast flowing water around me like a very strong river. Then chant the Demonic Enn Of Dantalion, this is his Enn!

Avage Ayer Dantalion On Ca! I will share a youtube video that you can use!

Do this Enn Chanting at loud for 10 to 15 minutes, while you look at the sigil of Dantalion!. It can take 1 minute like it does for me to feel how the whole atmosphere in the ritual room change. The basic things you should be aware of is the feeling that it gets very silent in the room, it is a feeling like the air in the room gets “thick” and tangible. Its so silent that if you speak it hurts your ears. Also the Energy of Dantalion is pure Joy, i feel it like a mixed sensation of hapiness and love, also an electric current in my body that is concentrated in my thighs, spine and top of my head, like shivers.

When you feel the atmosphere and your emotions in you body change, you will need to make your Request! Write this down on the backside piece of the paper where you did the drawing of Dantalions sigil, you need to be very clear about your Request! The more clear your intention is the better results you will get! So think stongly about this before the ritual.

After your request u will need to make an Offering to the Demon. This is alittle tricky if it is your first time communicating with Dantalion. The absolute best offering is Blood. You can google the meanings of this offering, i dont want to discuss them here on my blog. But i will remind you that in Demonolatry the highest offering is your own blood. I dont judge if you do offerings that are not “correct” in the todays society of political correctness. But i advise you to do an offering of your own blood, this will trigger a deep connection and a “portal” to Dantalion that connects him with you and you can both draw energy from eachother. And there are also some

Other Great Offerings..

Except the blood offering you can offer him for you to suffer in his name. This means: If you are a person that have an indulgence you can make a Promise to do an abscense from this indulgence. Whether it is smoking, alcohol, sex, drugs, and so on. It will be very much appreciated by Dantalion to feel your pain from this abscense. You can also indulge in your favorite food!!!! Just make it a part of your ritual to do a feast for Dantalion afterwards! Also you can dance or play instrument to get into a trance state, i prefer to dance. Dont forget that Demons are Elemental and Spiritual beings and when you invoke them into yourself they can feel the physical reality through you! All of these offerings are appreciated but if you do your first evocation please ask the Demon what it prefer for offering. Dantalion WILL communicate what he desires for offering to you , maybe in a dream, voice , daydream, fantasy, even when you watch you favorite Netflix TV show maybe there will be a sign of what to do….

When you have made your request clear and write it on the back of the sigil it is time to Burn it and send it into the Universe. This you will do by burning the sigil of the Demon and make your request! A picture of how it is done!

My offering was My Own Blood, Indulge in Alcohol And a Promise i will Share His Name And Powers To The World!

This is what i drank before the ritual! I also drank 7 shots of Jägermeister during the ritual! Ave Satanas! Ave Dantalion! May My Will Be True!

The afterworks of the ritual!

Dont go thinking all the time of what you have done and expect success! Just leave it and let Dantalion work it out for you!

The Demons dont work like a straight line to a destination like we think they will do. They work around everything and WILL make you request happen in some “weirdcoincidences. And let it take some time! If you are an enlightened person you will aknowledge this. You will see all of the Patterns that are happening.

Ave Luciferi! Ave Satanas!

The New Satanic Pentagram!

I will explain the New Satanic Pentagram of this Age! This is how it looks! And It is The Luciferian Pentagram!

It has a meaning that is spiritual, religious and philosophical. We all know how the “usual” Satanic or inverted Pentagram looks like and also the inverted cross wich is often used with Satanism.

Satanic Pentagram
The inverted cross

Everybody that have done some research knows that both these symbols are not “Satanic” in their pristine origin. Especially the Inverted cross that is indeed called the Cross of Saint Peter. Because Peter requested this form of crucifixion as he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner that Jesus died.

So why do all Satanists use these symbols? Well it is because of the positions of the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit).

The Elements placed in the Pentagram

So when we turn this upside down it is because of the “Spirit” Element. The spirit “up” is to God and heaven, but also a sign of masculinity(action, logic, the holy Son). The inverted Pentagram is Spirit down which can mean “Hell” and the feminine(passivness,emotions, the mother,godess.) God is the creator (the thought),the feminine is the Godess (emotions, passiveness, creativity, the mother) and then we have the Holy Son (action, logic, the masculine). This is also how our ego “intellect” is built. Everything starts with a thought, then either processed thru our emotions or logic, if you are enlightened you will process every decision in your life both with your emotions and the logic mind. When you bypass one of these two necessary procedures you will become unbalanced. This is a discussion for a future topic lets stick to the Pentagram.

I’ll tell you the story how I got the prophecy regarding the New Satanic Pentagram.

That day i was very active. I worked out in the gym, went to Yoga class, socialized with friends, did some errands to the grocery store and made dinner for my partner. Later in the evening I was completely exhausted. I didnt have the mental or physical strenght to make a complete ritual. So I decided to make a ritual within my astral temple. This method allow for full spectrum of magickal and spiritual work and is often underestimated, because people don’t know what they could accomplish with it. And guess what, astral temple could be also used as a way of summoning demons and much more! It is a very powerful tool if used skillfully! One of the important things to realize is that what is happening in your mind is not just happening inside your physical head.

Remember As Above So Below!!!

During my ritual in the Astral Temple I received instructions and guidelines about today’s religious society. We are living in a modern age where former religious communities and doctrines can no longer cope with the scientific advances that are in progress. Also new ways of living and mental development, for example the hbtq movement, this was impossible 20 years ago.

This oldschool Religious belief system, that also includes Satanism. Must follow the evolution of society and modernize itself to reach deep into human souls. Luciferianism is a flexible doctrine of faith and must not stagnate at the dogmatic view of the past on how to reach enlightenment.

I recieved the New Satanic Pentagram in a ritual and the thought about how it will adapt itself to our age. The pentagram also foretells about the coming of the AntiChrist!

Here comes a quick explanation of the New Satanic Pentagram/The Luciferian Pentagram!

As you can se the Earth(Material, Physical, Manifestaion of matter) and Fire( passion,spontaneity, inspiration,aggressiveness, impulsive) element are dominant compared to the usual pentagram. This means in todays reality humans are driven mostly by opinions based on other influences and material gains. The water element(emotions, intuition,inner reflection) and the air element(intellect, mental intention, connection to the universe), are oppressed and not felt in the human mind.

This New Satanic Pentagram foretells not only that humans are driven by material, physical, passion aggressiveness and impulsiveness, but also that our internal compass(emotions) are depressed. Also our ability to reflect this problem intellectually(Air) are oppressed.

This results in what we see today in our society! I dont want to go deep into the philosophy because it is a process and exemption only Luciferianists can understand, also true understanding comes from thinking for yourself and not somebody to serve all answeres for you.

The New Satanic Pentagram also has a “triangle” at the bottom under the Spirit element. This was explained to me that in the near future, the king we Luciferians are waiting for to be born will be so! The AntiChrist! The triangle at the bottom symbolizes a female uterus.

I hope you understand and can embrace this New Satanic Pentagram, because it is a symbol of our modern age and the birth of our long awaited King!

Ave Luciferi, Ave Satanas! Lux Omnia Vincit!

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